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Welcome to the healing world.
Reiki is a Japanese word. It means Universal Life Force Energy. Universal Life Force is a source of the whole creation and we human beings are an important part of this creation. There must be a time & space when there was nothing and slowly the creation must have happened. The consciousness has its own wisdom. And the creation is created by this wisdom. Nature is connected with this wisdom. Perhaps even human beings were connected. But slowly the layers of the impressions blocked the mind. Though the mind is also universal life force, because of this blockage human beings are not receiving appropriate energy from the universe. Here, reiki system enters in our lives. Through the attunement process, we are reattuned with the energy and start receiving the energy in the appropriate manner. This attunement is chosen consciously so the mind & body are in tune with the energy. When one receives energy consciously its like receiving love consciously. ....Then naturally feels like giving energy to the universe. This is how the blockage created by human mind opens up & an energy exchange is completed in the universe.
While you are reading these lines, you have become a part of energy exchange. A new journey starts ... Consciously with love.

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